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Tips for Staying Fit as your Age

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Our body is made up of cells and there is a balance between cell formation and cell destruction. On the one hand, cells form and on the other hand, cells die. With the increasing age, there is an imbalance in the cell formation and cell destruction and the process results in ageing. Ageing is visible when cells from main organs die such as skin, lungs, liver, kidneys etc.

With ageing, certain signs become quite visible. Some of the common signs are mentioned below;

  • Cloudy vision
  • Menopausal miseries
  • Tumours taking over your body
  • Parkinson’s tremors
  • Decrepit skin
  • Spotted skin
  • Back pain
  • Frozen joints
  • Impotence
  • Weakness
  • Body fatigue
  • Brain failure
  • Arteries with chocked cholesterol
  • Bulging belly

Most of the researchers believe that, ageing results due to the accumulation of free radicals in our body. Prolonged accumulation of free radicals results in ill health and body deterioration, which are the obvious signs of ageing.

Free Radicals:

A single atom or group of atoms with an unpaired number of the electron. Free radicals are the atoms or components which have high chemical reactivity. They’re action beings when they interact with the other normal components of the body. But, the danger starts when they react with the important constituents of our body i.e., DNA. A huge number of diseases occurs with ageing and hampers the fit over 40 or fit over 50. These problems are liver and kidney disorders, senility, stroke, heart disease, cancer, swollen extremities, memory loss and many more.

Fit over 40 and fit over 50 is not possible with the existence of free radicals. When there is a problem, there is definitely a solution. I already told you that, fit over 40 or fit over 50 is not possible with free radicals but it is definitely possible if there is co-existence of antioxidants in the body. There is a never-ending battle between the antioxidants and the free radicals. The winning one will overpower out the body. So, it is important to have more antioxidant power within the body. One can easily have the antioxidants through a variety of foods. Today, you can have several supplements which can give you the high amount of antioxidants which ultimately protects your body from ageing.

The major antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene, selenium and several other natural sources and dietary supplements. In this way, you can be fit over 40 or 50.

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