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The History of Holistic medicine

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It’s all about healing the entirety of a person instead of just the specific illness or certain body part or symptoms. Holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ this means whole. Emotions and environmental and lifestyle play a role in health just as much as medicine can. A doctor can say that a health issue can be solved until your emotions are first set right, and you are removed from a negative environment in which you currently reside. Today even holistic therapies are implemented by people undergoing alcohol rehab etc.

There are different kinds of herbal medicine practices such as Ayurveda that first came from India in the 6th century by Sushruta, known as the father of surgery. It focuses on the five elements of the universe, the seven of the body and the three doshas which are the biological energies that an element represents. Herbal medicine is the original form of healthcare, where you achieve a holistic balance and learn about the medicinal properties of plants. Western herbalism first originated from ancient Greece and Rome, before spreading to Western Europe and then on from that the new worlds – North and South America.

Hippocrates was known the father of medicine in the 4th century BC, this was the first one to encourage self-healing of the body. Physicians started to pay less and less attention to holistic medicine after it was found that bacteria and viruses were the source of illness and infection.

Therefore, emphasis becomes solely based on symptoms and conditions and medicine was the solution for everything. It was discovered that not all medicines can cure diseases and that over time many different scientific treatments and studies failed. Holistic medicines came back to tell people about the importance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle, environmental factors and emotional health. The modern western holistic movements started in the 60s when certain individuals found that modern medicine focused too much on drugs and medical technology. Holistic practitioners have to get the same degrees and regular doctors but may have to get additional qualifications in herbal therapies and nutrition as well as environmental hazards. The first national conference came in 1975.  In California. They incorporate the practices of nutrition, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, homeopathic medicine as well as acupuncture. Many residential rehab clinics incorporate holistic approach therapies as part of their treatment plans.

It’s important that if you decide to go with a holistic practice that you go with a recommended and well-regarded person whose been doing the treatment for many years. If you go with someone who is well versed in a practice such as acupuncture, chiropractic or the like, be sure to do some diligent research before you choose the treatment that you think is appropriate for your particular condition. Some of these therapies will address a certain condition or a particular part of the body for example chiropractic tends to the back while acupuncture to circulation and muscles. Holistic practices might look after the whole body, but specific ones will look after certain conditions – it’s important to bare this in mind when selecting a holistic practice to go along with your medical treatment.

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