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Putting Together A Home Hospital Bed Successfully – Expert Guide That Will Help You!

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No matter what the brand of a hospital bed is, all of them are generally assembled in similar way. It takes just around five minutes to assemble it.

While buying a home hospital bed, the detailed instructions will likely be included. Plus, the general setup is almost same for semi electric, manual, and full electric hospital beds. Take a look at the following section to get an insight for assembling it.

Steps to assembling a hospital bed

  • Latch together the head spring and foot spring in center.
  • After the two pieces gets connected together, straighten the bed base to lay it flat on floor. All of the home care beds generally have spring links connecting two spring sections.
  • Now, move up inner pull tube manually until spring button gets clicked to adjustment hole of outer poll tube.
  • Before you connect head as well as footboards to the hospital bed, you can first install head and footboard caster wheels to boards. While many brands may contain universal casters, make sure you check out specific instructions for verifying.
  • The footboards and headboards have gear where bed-ends will get attached. Connect one side at one time. If possible, take help of another person to hold headboard.
  • Shift bed end towards head spring section to place rivets into corner locks. Repeat the complete process to connect footboard.
  • Press spring button on inner shaft and insert it in outer shaft. Ensure that spring button is in correct hole.

Testing process

Plug in bed and ensure to try out each of the independent control button on hand pendant. If one of them doesn’t work properly, then troubleshooting can be quite straightforward. In case the bed doesn’t lower or rise properly, ensure to check out drive rod connections and ensure that “T” shafts are locked in rod and aren’t just spinning free. If head end of bed is lowering or rising except the foot end, you will require inspecting connection between footboards of bed and drive motor road.

Just make sure to test properly all the control buttons before using them. Assembling it correctly according to the above mentioned steps will lead you towards successful end product!

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