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Podiatrists Can Help You With These Issues

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While the field of podiatry is not so popular when it comes to common knowledge, their skills are something that can help with all kinds of situations, especially if you are experiencing some kind of pain in the lower extremities, because that is the field they specialize in.

The most common solution

You have probably heard about some kind of orthotics when it comes to helping patients that suffer from flat feet, however, while certain over the counter orthotics do tend to help, most of them are a complete waste of money, even if they might seem more comfortable than the orthotics that come with your shoes.

Instead of those “over the counter” orthotics, it is always a much better idea to visit your local podiatrists such as podiatrist Sydney CBD from ModPod Podiatry or whoever is in your area, and ask them to create a pair of custom-made orthotics that are going to be unique for your feet.

The procedure of making custom-made orthotics is quite simple, at least on your half as the patient, as all you will have to do is provide a mold of your feet. Once the podiatrist has a mold of your plantar area, they will create these orthotics via a quite long process that can take a couple of days.

Once the custom-made orthotics are completed, you will be able to use them in all of your shoes as long as they can fit in, and they will be perfectly made to give your feet the proper footing at all times. Custom orthotics are known to relieve people from pain they experience in their feet, and in some cases the pain that they experience in their back, shoulders, and neck as well, as everything is connected.

Custom orthotics are a great solution for most problems

Fingernail fungus treatment

It is not uncommon for podiatrists to deal with some kind of infections, and the most common ones are definitely the athlete’s foot, and some other funguses that attack the fingernail. While the athlete’s foot usually attacks the area between the toes, a fingernail fungus will attack exactly like its name suggests, the fingernail.

The infection can be noticed in its earlier stages as a small white or orange dot on the tip of the fingernail, and as it starts to spread deeper within the nail, it will make the nail lose its natural color that will be overtaken by the color of the fungus, which is usually yellow or orange, but it can sometimes be as black as the night as well.

Today, you can find fingernail fungus treatment at ModPod Podiatry as well as at other local podiatrists that have the correct equipment. You will have to place your feet into a special machine that will destroy the fungus with a special kind of rays, which will keep your skin and fingers completely undamaged, and you will not have to worry about any other issues coming up from this either.

Fungal infections stand no chance when they face some new technologies

Final Word

Podiatrists have found quite a lot of ways to deal with various issues that people experience in their feet by using all kinds of technologies that are available today, which is great, as they allow people to have healthy feet much longer than possible a just a couple of years ago.

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