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How Can Keto genic Diet Cause Constipation?

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Many people intend to consume low carb or ketogenic diet to lose weight or overcome chronic ailments. Low carb or ketogenic diet means to consume only proteins and saturated fats and shunning carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet recommends consumption of vegetables with a lower level of carbohydrates and fats like ghee or olive oil. But, most of the doctors say that the ketogenic diet sometimes causes chronic constipation.

What is the ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet means consuming high amounts of fat, lower amounts of protein and much smaller amounts of carbohydrate foods. The low carb foods recommended as the part of the ketogenic diet are vegetables, greens, and very fewer amounts of fruit. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are entirely shunned, and large quantities of dairy products like cheese, ghee, and foods like dry fruits and nuts can be consumed. Ketogenic diet does not recommend any time constraints, but it is advised to take food whenever you feel hungry. If you feel Constipated On The Ketogenic Diet, you should stop the diet immediately.

How can a ketogenic diet lead to constipation issues?

According to some experts, the Ketogenic diet causes issues like constipation despite containing fiber-rich vegetables and greens. The point to be understood here is, some doctors say that animals who eat whole meat throughout their life never suffer from constipation, but humans who consume food that contains fiber in immense levels suffers from constipation. Some experts believe that meat is completely digestible by the human body but fiber in the vegetables cannot be digested as a whole, and hence it may lead to constipation issues.

If you do not suffer constipation due to normal diet but suffer that issue after you have started a ketogenic diet, you can assure that meat or proteins are not the reason for constipation. Many gastroenterologists say that people suffer constipation by consuming food with a majority portion of meat suffer constipation only when they suffer from severe pancreatic issues or have undergone a gastro bypass surgery or suffer chronic digestion issues.

Generally, you may face indigestion issues due to the indigested vegetable material you have eaten, but with meat, you may not suffer intense indigestion issues. Coming to the role of ketogenic diet in constipation issues, doctors say that constipation is generally caused by the food you have consumed in larger amounts you are not habituated to. Generally, the nuts, higher amount of fat are hard to be digested and hence lead to the issues related to digestion and chronic constipation.

Sometimes you suffer constipation issues due to food allergies. People who consume high amounts of dairy products and vegan diet are prone to food allergies and suffer constipation. The high-fat diet and low starch food called crucifiers are helpful to lose weight quicker but may cause several digestion issues. Some doctors advice to consume food rich in magnesium to prevent constipation issues when you are on a ketogenic diet.

What is the difference between natural vegetarianism and ketogenic diet?

Generally, herbivores, which consume plants as the only food ruminate the food all the day, and hence they will not suffer any digestion issues. However, the fact about the ketogenic diet is people consume food in higher quantities and swallow or chew partially. This causes digestion issues like constipation. On the other hand, fruits that support digestion are completely avoided, and in some cases, fewer amounts of fruits are consumed. This critical factor causes constipation.

Low carbohydrate foods like cucumber, okra, tomatoes, and avocados are the foods that support digestion. Hence, vegetables are often mistaken for digestion catalysts. In fact, the above vegetables support digestion only when they are ripened. Therefore, when you suffer digestion issues, keep in mind that digestion cannot be improved by consuming high fiber food. The large amounts of food you consume, and you cannot digest the important reason behind the constipation issues.

How to overcome constipation caused due to Ketogenic diet?

Consumption of water in adequate quantities and using a multivitamin tablet are some of the important remedies to prevent constipation issues caused by ketogenic diet. Intake of food rich in magnesium and potassium can act as the cure for constipation caused by a low carb diet.

However, to reduce weight, the ketogenic diet should be considered as the last option and should include strict medical supervision. In addition to constipation, other chronic issues like nausea, headache, allergies, and malfunctioning of kidneys are some of the alarming side effects of the ketogenic diet.

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