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Difference Between Custom Orthotics And Over The Counter Orthotics

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One of the most common explanations that podiatrists have to give to their patients is that custom orthotics are completely different from the prefabricated or also known as over the counter orthotics that you can purchase at a pharmacy store in your area.

The way they are created

Custom orthotics are created from scratch. If you were to get custom-made orthotics Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or any other podiatry center, you would have to let the podiatrist cast a mold of your foot, so that the custom orthotics could be created according to that mold.

On the other hand, the over the counter orthotics are prefabricated according to an already existing mold that is common for a certain condition. For example, the prefabricated orthotics usually have a mold for flat feet, and the only difference is the size of the orthotic so it could fit various shoes.

Naturally, not everyone has the same flat feet condition. In some cases it is highly present, and in some cases it is only minor, so it is only natural that the prefabricated mold is not going to fit everyone. Custom orthotics on the other hand are always going to fit their user perfectly as they were created specifically for that user.

Custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet only

The lifespan

Over the counter orthotics are created pretty much like shoes, in mass production, which means that they are made to sell. Things that are made to sell usually have a very short lifespan as the factory or company that creates them wants you to buy new ones as soon as possible. Over the counter orthotics usually last for a year or two because of this very reason.

Custom orthotics on the other hand are always created from the best materials available, and they will last for at least a couple of years. Even if your custom orthotics happen to get worn out a bit after five years, you can still ask your podiatrist to refurbish them, while the over the counter ones do not have that option.

They cannot be used everywhere

In most cases, the over the counter orthotics are a one fit only. They most likely come in a kit where you can shape them to fit your own shoes, this is especially the case with those which are made out of gel. With custom orthotics, due to their great design, you will easily get to use them in all of your shoes, if the shoe size is right.


While you can buy over the counter orthotics pretty much at any pharmacy store, that should tell you how bad in value they actually are. For custom orthotics, you have to visit Podiatry Kensington such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or any other podiatrist, and they will make sure that the custom orthotics are actually going to improve your condition, while the prefabricated ones just have a chance to do so.

Once you start wearing custom orthotics, you will feel no pain while running

Final Word

There is no reason to raise your hopes up for over the counter orthotics, as there is quite a small chance that they are going to be the perfect fit for your foot. In most cases, over the counter orthotics are actually going to make your condition worse if you have one, and if you do not, they might create one instead.

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